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Investment Banking Hub

Our experienced multidisciplinary teams working in our Investment Banking Hub are involved in Financial and Strategic Consultancy, Financial Restructuring, and Structuring & Fundraising. 

ALC’s teams have developed expertise in diverse key sectors, such as the energy, agribusiness, infrastructure, financial services, telecoms and mining.

ALC helps companies and governments with major strategic and financial questions, particularly in the context of financial diagnosis, developing economic models, fundraising and evaluating strategic projects.

  • Economic and financial and/or strategic diagnostics
  • Providing assistance to analyse development opportunities and with regard to asset disposal 
  • Reviewing and modelling business plans
  • Analysing the transaction environment
  • Financial and operational evaluation of investment/divestment opportunities
  • Defining strategic financing approaches 
  • Setting up round tables (lenders/investors) and financing arrangements
  • Coordinating financial negotiations and preparing transaction documents

ALC helps public and private companies experiencing financial imbalance to find sustainable bespoke solutions that improve their balance sheet structure.

  • Assessing the economic and financial performance of  companies
  • Acting as an intermediary between the management, shareholders and debtors, and proposing optimal solutions while safeguarding the company’s and creditors’ interests
  • Designing a realistic and balanced restructuring plan
  • Assisting companies in implementing the optimal solutions
  • Redefining the terms and conditions of existing facilities
  • Mobilising new financial resources
  • Conducting due diligence for a sustainable replenishment of balance sheet items
  • Providing assistance in implementing recommendations

ALC proposes optimal solutions to companies and governments in terms of structuring and fund raising. Our approach is based on an objective and independent analysis of the full range of debt and equity financing options.

  • Identifying cash requirements
  • Assessing the company’s short-, medium- and long-term commitments
  • Assessing inherent risk factors
  • Evaluating the financing structure, the fund raising terms and conditions and guarantees
  • Reconciling the proposed finance structure with banks and institutions’ criteria
  • Approaching potential lenders and investors
  • Coordinating negotiations with lenders and investors
  • Supervising the corresponding financing documentation with legal teams
  • Debt (senior, mezzanine, adjustment debt and bridging loan)
  • Project financing
  • Financing the operating cycle