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ALC Structuration

ALC Structuration’s multidisciplinary and experienced teams are involved in Financial and Strategic Consulting
and Structuring & Fundraising.

ALC Structuration’s teams have developed expertise in various key sectors such as banking and financial services, energy, real estate and infrastructure.

ALC helps companies and governments with major strategic and financial questions, particularly in the context of financial diagnosis, developing economic models, fundraising and evaluating strategic projects.

  • Dynamic diagnostic analysis of the historical behavior of receivables pools
  • Operational and financial feasibility study

ALC proposes optimal solutions to companies and governments in terms of structuring and fund raising. Our approach is based on an objective and independent analysis of the full range of debt and equity financing options.

  • Analysis of the transferor’s strategic vision and design of the securitization project
  • Analysis of the profile of receivables to be securitized and selection of receivables
  • Elaboration of the business plan of the transaction
  • Financial structure of the operation according to the securitization basket and the financial market
  • Selection of stakeholders and coordination of their interventions throughout the transaction arrangement process
  • Coordination of the fundraising in conjunction with the lead manager of the investment syndicate
  • Coordination of the signature of the final legal documentation, in conjunction with the management company and the transaction lawyer

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